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Sexed Ultra 4M

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Genomic Testing

Statement from Certified Semen Services: Certified Semen Services, Inc. (CSS) sympathizes with the plight of New Zealand’s dairy producers as the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) acts to protect biosecurity by posting restricted notices on farms that have tested positive for Mycoplasma bovis (M.bovis). The World Organization for Animal Health […]

Certified Semen Services Statement on M.bovis

Somatic cells entering the udder do a great job in fighting infection, but in the process can damage the milk secretory cells and reduce milk yield. It is possible to calculate the resultant loss of milk based on SCC and value the loss. Tracker™ has calculated the average farm as […]

Counting the cost of Somatic Cells

  The market for A2A2 milk is growing and many farms are looking towards A2 status in search of achieving a bonus on the milk price. Click the button below to download our Technical Note with information and tips on achieving A2 status. Download Technical Note on A2