STgenetics New Zealand is part of the

Sexing Technologies® and STgenetics® family of businesses.


Sexing Technologies® is a service company that sex sorts livestock semen from cattle, horses, deer, sheep and goats. The company has led the global livestock industry in its quest to improve the quality and fertility of sexed semen through extensive research and development, which has been carried out in Texas and, since 2009, at a sorting facility in Ruakura, NZ.

STgenetics® is a livestock genetics company that markets sex sorted cattle semen and maintains a remarkable line-up of genetically impressive dairy and beef sires.

More background can be found by watching the video below.

As a large global player, STgenetics® has a wealth of expertise and resources for use by New Zealand farmers to help them meet the challenges ahead. The company’s core strapline is “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” a principle which has seen New Zealand agriculture flourish in the past and will ensure it remains strong for the future.

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