The Value of FCE

Converting feed into milk is the name of the game, yet many farms are missing out on Feed Conversion Efficiency  (FCE).

Feed Conversion Efficiency is simply:

Just a 10% increase in FCE can be worth thousands to the business. Improving FCE means more milk for the same amount of feed.  Use the calculator below to test this out for your herd.

The average farm typically has an FCE of 77gMS/KgDM intake. The target is to reach 100gMS/KgDM, but the top farms get closer to 120gMS/KgDM.

These data* highlight the wide variance in on farm FCE achieved.

* Extrapolated from Dairy Australia Vic Farms Monitor project


This calculator gives a very broad overview of the value of improving FCE. Tracker™ has an inbuilt system which allows the week by week monitoring of FCE as well as Margin Over Feed and Forage (MOFF) costs. These two measures are very useful in tracking physical and financial efficiency.

Each cow within your herd has it’s own FCE.

Breeding the next generations to have improved FCE is a strategic breeding target towards creating the future.